GE Adventure Series Scanner: A Happier MRI Scan Experience

The horror… (via Money)
Hint: It ain’t gonna make you Magneto. (via Comicvine)

The Problem

“So…do we meet Satan on this side or the other side of the hole?” (via CBS)
And you’ll be lucky to find a hospital equipped with the complete Bourne Trilogy to steel their hearts these days. (via Reel News Daily)

The Solution

Naturally, seafaring criminals were the choice theme to reduce children’s anxiety. (via GE Healthcare)
  • Painting and putting props in the room — in the Pirate Adventure, there is a shipwreck and some sand castles in the corner
  • Stories to ensure the correct behavior to get the scan accurately — in an adventure where the slab is a canoe, children are told not to “rock the boat” and told that if they hold still, fish will start jumping over them
  • A script for machine operators — like a theme park ride, operators could lead young patients through the “adventure” as they undergo the scanning
Seriously though, these look awesome. (via GE Healthcare)

The Result

*mic drop* — Doug Dietz, deservedly. (via Citrix)



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